The Cartier LOVE Bracelet has been a symbol of ‘’inseparable love’’ for many jewelry-loving romantics ever since it was designed in 1969. This romantic concept is embodied in the bracelet held together by two screws and ‘’locked’’ onto the wearer’s wrist. Each bracelet comes with a special screwdriver used to fasten the bangle. The whole point is to have your partner fasten the bracelet to your wrist, an act which symbolizes your commitment to one other.

Recently, the famous Cartier LOVE bracelet has become a must-have status symbol among millennials. More and more fashion-forward consumers covet the bracelet not only for its design and symbolism but also for its worldwide reputation. An exquisite item of high-end jewelry, the Cartier LOVE bracelet is the go-to choice for millennials who wish to invest in jewelry of proven quality and captivating symbolism.

Let’s take a look at what’s making the Cartier LOVE Bracelet so popular.

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This much-coveted bracelet can easily be worn by almost anyone, owing to its simplistic design. The locking mechanism is simple, yet belies a powerful romantic concept, the combination of which lends itself to many different applications. What’s more, both men and women can style themselves with a Cartier LOVE bracelet in almost any occasion.

The bracelets are available in yellow, white and rose gold, as well as platinum, and their signature screws can even be replaced with diamonds. It’s the diamond-adorned bracelet that is the preferred choice of the well-off, celebrities and fashion icons – it has a VIP pass to all high-profile events. By contrast, without diamonds or other precious stones, its minimalist design is perfect for adding the distinctive edge to a casual outfit.

Somewhat surprisingly, the design and locking mechanism were inspired by the historical chastity belt, a locking item of clothing resembling a belt that was used to help the wearer remain chaste. Wives used to wear them in their husbands’ absence so as to ‘’save themselves’’ for their loved one while he was away. The concept was reinterpreted with the LOVE bracelet, but the original idea of being faithful to a loved one is still predominant.

The reinterpretation of the concept is all the more interesting owing to the fact LOVE bracelets are now worn both by men and women, whereas the chastity belt was generally reserved for women, with few exceptions. It also subtly suggests that modern love and fidelity shouldn’t be taken lightly either by women or men.
Early days of LOVE

When the Cartier LOVE bracelet was first introduced, it could have only been bought and worn by couples who agreed to give their screwdrivers to one another. In that way, Cartier seemed to have been selling more than just a jewelry item – the bracelet purchased stood as the tangible testimony of the lovers’ commitment. The ‘’lovers only’’ agenda was pushed so vigorously that some New York hospitals were reported to have kept a LOVE bracelet screwdriver on the premises in case a patient needed to have the bracelet removed.

Celebrities were hooked and soon famous couples such as Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, all displayed their mutual devotion with matching LOVE bracelets.
LOVE in the age of consumerism

With the LOVE bracelet, Cartier has commercialized the idea of everlasting love, fidelity, and devotion. In the world where the once rare commodities are rapidly being converted into mass-manufactured goods that rarely survive the season, the idea of having a symbol of something long-lasting is very enticing and creates a sense of exclusivity. And this is exactly why so many millennials are choosing to celebrate their commitment to their partner with a LOVE bracelet – not only does it embody the concept perfectly, it’s also a luxury jewelry item that isn’t a bargain for all budgets.

Therefore, the investment in a pricy item of jewelry such as the Cartier LOVE bracelet symbolizes the investment into a long-term romantic relationship.
Famous LOVErs today

Inspired by celebrity royalty from the golden age of Hollywood, many contemporary actors, pop stars, and other celebrities have embraced the concept by proudly showing off their trademark bracelets with their partners. The list of celebrities stretches long, with Pippa Middleton, Angelina Jolie, Selma Hayek, Kanye West, Scarlet Johansson, Mila Kunis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and many more!
Beware the fake bracelets – choose a trusted San Diego jewelry dealer

With the almost unprecedented popularity of the LOVE bracelet, counterfeits were almost bound to appear. As expected, the knock-offs are passed as bargain-priced originals, which should be a clear sign of warning. Cartier LOVE bracelets shouldn’t be a bargain purchase readily available to anyone – after all, everlasting love is rare and difficult to attain, so its symbolic representation has to embody those qualities, as well.

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