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Road Chinese jewelery business change is on the rise!
Jade is the carrier of Chinese culture, it has a unique value, how this unique cultural and commercial value by means of a new model to a higher stage?

Single Yongming, a jade industry’s leading entrepreneurs, after several years of experience and industry research, the new building new business models jade, jade art to create a new economy.93I1KEEG

Yongming change single and jewelery business model has a bond!
The term “business model” has become a term of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists mouth. Although it appeared in the 1950s, until the 1990s began to be widely used and disseminated, but it did not damage the word in the mobile Internet era “glorious and great” glory and frequency of use.

There is a good Business Model, there is a half success guarantee. Business model is the company through what channels or ways to make money. In short, the beverage companies to make money by selling drinks; courier companies through courier to send money; Internet companies to make money through click-through rate; calls received by the communication company to make money; supermarket warehouse to make money through the internet and so on. As long as there is money in place, there is the business model exists – Van cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry, Replica Cartier Jewelry.

Create a new model of Chinese jade chain business, Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Earrings
“Crafts Factory”, the domestic jade art chain brand. Sun will build a single plant for the extraction of high-end Chinese and Tian chain brand, and brand chain business model innovation proposed system, brand management system, brand promotion system, and standard operating mode.

To create a Chinese jewelry “subject” new business model, Cartier Love Bracelet Replicas
China put forward a single Sun Jewelry “theming” mode, successfully created a merged Huayuan International Jewellery theme mall, create a new model of Chinese jewelry shopping. Huayuan International Jewellery merged into a single theme Mall Sun hand in hand together to create jewelry Huayuan business commercial development of new formats in 2015, the jewelry brand and style shopping experience combined, different from the domestic jewelry business development in the city’s core positioning allowed business relationships. Huayuan merged targeting Chinese jewelry retail theme experiential shopping center, a new role for the Chinese flaunt jewelry retailing.

Create a new model of development and retail Chinese jade – jade + internet
Turning to the development of the single Sun, the traditional retail channels about jade business model and a new model of economic development in today’s business models were combined. Diversification angle opened a new retail development model jade, jade + internet.