What is the size of the bracelet?Cartier Love bracelet white gold replica Cartier Love bracelet white gold replica

Method Search 1:
In the measurement, the four long fingers (except the thumb) and to the “tiger’s mouth”, forced to pinch some, and then measure the tool measurement, for example, just 45 mm, then, on this basis, plus 2 ~ 3mm is suitable for size The. This specification will wear a certain pain, please use hand sanitizer lubrication lubrication can be. Some people like to wear a little bit loose, you can choose the size and then slightly larger.

Method 2:
When you choose to wear cartier bracelet, you can put the bracelet into four long fingers (except the thumb) and to the “tiger’s mouth”, feel a little tight, and then remove the cartier bracelet, measuring the diameter, for example, just 55 mm, then, this size is suitable for size. Some people like to wear a little loose, select, select the size of 1 to 2 mm, so that it can be easily put on the removed. There are some people used to wear a small bracelet, or put on do not intend to take down, so, you can in turn reduce the size of 1 to 2 mm. Generally in the choice, you should try to wear. Try to wear, you can apply some detergent or soapy water in the hand, and ask people to help, with the force to the fake cartier love bracelet can be worn into the wrist.

Method 3:
Fingers together, ask people to help with the amount of rope out of your thickest part of the circumference of the circumference and then divided by 3.14, plus 1 ~ 2mm is suitable for your cartier bracelet replica diameter. For example: you measure the length is 170mm, then 170 / 3.14 1 ~ 2 = 55 ~ 56mm.

Method 4: Use the ruler (soft ruler) the amount of palm width (except the thumb) width. Measure the size according to the following corresponding data, select the appropriate size of the cartier love bracelet. The palm of your hand:
62–66MM: with the diameter of 50 – 52MM bracelet
66–70MM: with the diameter of 52 – 54MM bracelet
70–74MM: with the diameter of 54 – 56MM bracelet
74–78MM: with the diameter of 56 – 58MM bracelet
78–82MM: with the diameter 58 – 60MM bracelet
82MM or more: with the diameter of more than 60MM love bracelet

The above four methods, each have their own shortcomings, you’d better try every way as much as possible, and then measure several times and then find the average. This is more accurate. Even if the amount of size out of the same size, but also because of each person’s soft and hard and different age and different hands, manual labor to do more people generally hand bone and meat will be more solid, the size of the corresponding to relax some of the older Generally harder than the age of the hand bone, and vice versa.