Based on the human hand in terms of their color, white, yellow, black, red points; on the shape, there are size, weight, thickness, length of the points; the texture of their skin, there are rough and delicate of points . Natural features and determine which hand the ring to match the most appropriate.

First, the long, slender fingers and delicate white type
It is best to wear a ring hand type, any color, any style ring on this finger will shine Delicate rings, can mean adding slender fine style;. If wearing broad-brush ring finger under the fake Bvlgari rings will contrast against the backdrop looks delicate and beautiful.

Second, large crude palm and fingers
In selecting and wear rings, you should avoid using small and exquisite ring. Because of coarse and fine hand ring contrast, would hand more thick, rings significantly smaller. However, not suitable for wearing oversized rings, because the big hands big ring, make people feel awkward. You can choose medium-sized ring, preferably a mosaic treasure ring, diamond ring or a jade ring.

Third, a small palm and fingers are biased
This model is not suitable to wear large rings, such as rough sex rings, large stones inlaid rings and other whole grain. Large and full of rings will seem small hand, if you wear sleek fake Cartier rings, such as small inlaid precious ring will set off hand type of delicate, beautiful fingers looked cute. Small hand is best not to wear more than two rings.

Four finger knuckle obvious type
Joint obvious irregular shape is best to wear the ring, such as “V” shaped rings tip pointing palm, use your fingers leaving visually oriented growth. Stubby fingers who do not wear jewels ring, square ring, round ring, sleek lines should wear the ring.

Five, hand skin blackish type
First note rings with color-coordinated with the skin when wearing the replica tiffany and co rings. Black skin is not rosy wearing emerald rings or emerald ring, because the color contrasts would look tacky. You can wear a ruby, topaz and other warm mosaic treasure ring, it can set off the back of a beautiful color, and contrast with the back of the hand is not strong, the weak contrast seem harmony.

Now how to choose your own ring, is not have a deeper understanding of that?