Cartier jewelry industry is the highest visibility, one of the oldest brand is also the most aristocratic star favorite jewelry brand. Whether it is advanced jewelry or watch series  are in fake Van Cleef &Arpels jewelry the excellent production process, expertise and unique style, passing the exclusive value of its own brand.
At the annual Oscar awards ceremony, each star on the red carpet will wear a suit with their dress commensurate with the personality of jewelry, which Cartier Cartier jewelry is the most Fake Cartier Love Earrings big star choice. So how many grams of Cartier bracelet?
How many grams of Cartier bracelets?
In fact the weight of the Cartier bracelet is not fixed, it depends on the size of the bracelet, the material. For example: Cartier boutique  love bracelet fake true love bracelet 18K has platinum, 18K gold, 18K rose gold three styles gold between 28-35 grams, the default size of 4.5cm * 5.5cm size, Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet type of gold, rose gold is not diamonds Platinum is not diamond gold, rose gold diamond, platinum diamond. Cartier love series without diamond rose gold bracelet 17 32 grams of professional 18K 1: 1 custom.
In the 1960s and 1970s, the theme of “love and peace” was widely circulated in the world. Cartier designer Aldo Cipullo in order to make people regain their faith in love and commitment Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Necklace in 1969 in Cartier New York studio designed to express each other love and loyalty “LOVE” bracelet. It was born in the seventies love forever logo.
This unique “screw” design Cartier bracelet can only be opened by a couple with a special screwdriver, means that the eternal love. It is the design concept of love as the theme, the Cartier love bracelet classic copy tied to the lovers in the wrist, with a screwdriver to love the lock, no screwdriver, Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring bracelet will not be opened; wearing this ornament, just as the two hearts forever together. Its biggest feature is the need to cooperate by two couples to wear, the image of the interpretation of the love of mutual trust and loyalty.